What Is The Process Of Having Breast Implants Behind The Muscle?

When it comes to breast implants, the options
are now quite literally endless, you can choose the size, shape, material,
and line of incision, now you can also choose where you want the implant
behind or in front of the muscle. Your cosmetic surgeon will run through
all of the options there are to choose from and provide professional
guidance on which option to take based on your goals.

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Implants In Front or Behind Muscle

Different options will always appeal to people differently, the risk of
each cosmetic surgery should be weighed up against the benefits the
procedure offers to you personally. Never make a decision for your cosmetic
surgery based on trends or suggestions by the media. Keep an open mind to
the pro’s and con’s of each decision as relayed by your doctor.

Submuscular implants
(also known as implants placed behind the muscle) have become increasingly
popular due to minimal movement of the implants during everyday activities.
However, those who tend to partake in increased amounts of physical
exercise such as athletes or professional dancers may want to consider
above the muscle implants.

Under muscle, implants are often highly recommended for lean or thin women
who are looking to opt for saline or cohesive silicone implants, as the
placement conceals the implant edges or any rippling effect that may occur.
Submuscular implants are also strongly recommended for women who are
looking for firmness with their implants. Other important points to
consider are your skin’s elasticity this will affect how much your skin
stretches after the surgery. All of these variables will be discussed in
your consultation, to ensure the final results are as predictable and
controllable as possible to ensure the best outcome.

Submuscular Implant Advantages

The following benefits come from having submuscular implants.

1. Look More Natural

A less artificial appearance for patients with naturally small breasts. The
overall result will be much more natural if the implants are covered by a
sufficient amount of your own tissue.

2. Accurate Mammograms

The ability to still get an accurate mammography reading after the surgery.
This is why submuscular implants should be strongly considered with anyone
with a family background of breast cancer.

3. Reduced Capsular Contractures

A lower capsular contracture rate. Capsular contracture is the hardened
scar tissue which forms around the breast implant. This occurs in almost
every patient, however, submuscular placements reduce the risk of
developing capsular contracture rates which can often be painful.

The Procedure

During your submuscular breast implant surgery, the anesthetic will be
administered and the incision will be made. The placement of your incision
will be decided by your Doctor. To place the implant the lower part of the
pectoralis muscle will be lifted, which leaves a deep pocket for the
implant to be situated in behind the muscle which is referred to as the
subpectoral muscle. This results in a dual plane position where the upper
portion of the implant lies behind the muscle, whilst the lower half of the
implant extends below the pectoral muscle.

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